This is a collection of CAD models that I have created. 3D printing is a great way to prototype things, but the big upfront cost is the time needed to model everything. I'm publishing these models (and source code) in hopes that it saves people time, and encourages the community to publish models of their own until we can build a nice big collection of DeLorean parts.

My models are all written in the modeling/programming language OpenSCAD, an open-source modeling tool that anyone can use for free. It runs well on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Each model is described using 2D or 3D primitives, and operations that combine them such as "intersection", "difference" or "extrude". Since all the primary measurements are written in the file, it is easy to correct or update a model, or append new geometry without having to start over.

The full collection of source code is available on GitHub. STL files are provided below, as well. If your browser supports WebGL, you can view the model right from the page!

Note: some of my models are using experimental OpenSCAD features which have not been officially released. Contact me if you would like my copy of OpenSCAD.

Dashboard Defrost Vent

Dashboard Defrost Vent
Plastic vent inserts that fit between the windshield and the dashboard
dash_vent.scad View 3D
dash_vent.stl View 3D
dash_vent_cutout.stl View 3D

Steering Wheel Adapter

Steering Wheel Adapter
Steering wheel adapter formerly sold by DMC-Houston for adapting Momo 6-bolt or Nardi 6-bolt steering wheels.
steering_adapter_6bolt.scad View 3D
steering_adapter_6bolt.stl View 3D

Instrument Connector

Instrument Connector
Recepticle for connectors that plug into the instrument cluster
dash_instrument_connector_socket_double.scad View 3D
dash_instrument_connector_socket_double.stl View 3D